Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quick Update

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to sit in on some Roma pastor and church leader training.  It was a great opportunity to practice language, meet Roma church leaders and to hear Biblical teaching in Romanian.  Many of the church leaders did not speak English which was a great immersion experience for me.  The most important take away from the week was the relationships I built and the connections with various Roma and Romanian churches that God is beginning to form. 

So what is the next step?  Right now I am trying to reconnect with some of the church leaders who live nearby and get to know them better.  I have a lot to learn about culture here and a long way to go before I am fluent in Romanian.  Also, many of the Roma speak Romanian and their own language (Romani).  This possess the question of when I should start learning some Romani.  This week I will  be traveling by bus to a city a little over an hour away to meet with a church planter.  The plan is to spend the day getting to know him more and praying with him to see what are the ways we can partner with Him.

To give an update on Jamie, she is currently in-between language instructors.  One of her teachers had a baby and cannot teach for a while, and she needed to stop going to her other instructor.

Please be praying for us to having wisdom in:
  • Finding a new teacher for Jamie
  • Finding a babysitter to help out with the boys during the week
  • For wisdom to know who to invest time with and how to proceed with language learning.

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