Monday, July 8, 2013

Update on the shelter for trafficked women

       When we were over in Bucharest in February we had the chance to visit a shelter that was being opened up for women who have escaped from a life of forced prostitution.  The shelter, which was started by a Romanian believer, is now up an running!  Here are a few updates to what is going on there:

• Praise God that one of the girls living in the home placed her faith in Christ!
• A partnership was signed with Starbucks and the Radisson hotel in Bucharest with their agreement to offer jobs for the women living in the home. They will train them, provide extra medical testing, and offer other help. Starbucks is donating coffee and tea and discussing the possibility of donating 2% of their annual profit to the foundation.
• Air conditioners units were provided to us at a greatly reduced cost.  The sales director is a member of the Nazarene church in Bucharest.  We got the last units available in Romania because the EU now requires only one specific kind- much more expensive. They were installed in all the rooms for free, and the home also has extras waiting for the future rooms in the attic!

Above: One of the new ductless air conditioners 

• After much prayer, in faith we decided to begin the work in the attic, and we ordered the wood for the walls and the ceilings again at the wholesale cost from a fellow Christian. The day after the wood arrived, we received notice that a Nazarene church in the US donated the exact amount of money we paid for the wood.  We are speechless and in awe of God’s mighty way of providing.  So far, the structure has been framed for five rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchenette. By fall we hope to be able to house ten more women up here! Also, work is being done to replace the roof.  

Above: The attic last month
Above: Process!  Once these rooms are completed, the shelter will be 
able to take in ten more women.

Please be praying for the shelter in the following ways:
• Extra wisdom, discernment and strength for their staff for all aspects of ministry. 
• For Moni, the director, to balance work and family life, often feeling overwhelmed under the load.
• For all the future victims that will be referred to this shelter, that they will come to know God’s love, forgiveness and restoration. One young woman currently living here has a hard time believing God can forgive the terrible sins she’s keeps telling us she’s committed.
• For God’s continued provision for all our needs- financial and material.
• For work/ministry teams who might come to help with different projects on the building or with the women here.
• Plans are in the works for an event surrounding October 18, the European Day Against Human Trafficking, and there have been several meetings in coordination with other non-profit organizations also involved in fighting human trafficking. There would be many events: film screenings of Nefarious, flash mobs, a fashion show, and other events. Pray for good organization, unity among the planners, for plans to come together, and a great outcome.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for this ministry!

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.
                                                                                  --John 13:35

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