Monday, May 4, 2015

Visiting a Roma Church in a Village

The church gathering to pray

 The church gathering to pray
The foundation for the new church
A typical Roma cart used in the villages

Inside their current church that is too small

This weekend we had a group of ReachGlobal colleagues and a couple pastors from the United States visit our team.  We were able to take trips to several part of town to pray for God to work and continue to open doors for our team to minister here.  We also took a 2 hour drive out of the city to visit a Roma village that has a strong, growing church.  They are in the process of building a new church that their building can actually hold them all.

The property was bought in the center of the village from a witch doctor who lived next door.  As the pastor explained it, "We felt God wanted us to be in the center of town and to fill the darkest place with light."  More recently though, the witch doctor had been killed (if I understood correctly) by a car accident on the road.

It was exciting to see a little of how God is at work around the country.  We have heard stories of revival and and once even an entire village turning to Christ.  We are excited to be here and see what God has planned for the Roma.  Please take a moment and pray that this church pictured above would receive from God all they need to finish their church, that their permits would go through and that God would bless and grow this church significantly in the days to come!

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  1. Hello dear ones, What an exciting adventure out to the village. So glad you found an active church. Any chance you would be moving out there to have a better base for language study? Praying for the Roma and those who are yet to be reached with the Good News. Love to you all, M.J. and Mike