Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day One of Travels: Check Engine

Two days and five hours of driving after sending out a newsletter about trusting God's sovereignty and praying that His glory would trump our safety we are sitting at a rest stop with the smell of burning rubber and check engine light on the dashboard.  Jamie's first thought was, "Maybe you shouldn't have written that newsletter".  :)

The situation as it stands is that the car can still run but needs something in the transmission replaced that is estimated to take at least 6 hours to replace.  We are in Cleveland currently for a EFCA church conference and are meeting with a Baptist Church's missions team of Saturday night in Michigan which is an appointment we have been praying for months to have.  Being as important as it is to make Saturday it looks like I will be driving back to PA to have Jamie's father (an awesome mechanic) do the work on our car tomorrow.  Please be praying that the car makes the trip and that the work can get done.  It looks like Jamie will be going to the church conference with Beckham tomorrow without me.  Please pray that God will use this for His glory, because we know He can and we know He wants to.

Beckham wasn't too stressed about the car troubles when we stopped at the rest-stop.

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