Friday, November 30, 2012

Vision trip to Bucharest, Romania

      Jamie and I are now, Lord willing, taking our vision trip to visit just Bucharest, Romania in late February.   We are excited to visit the city and the team there.  After we take the trip and meet the team working there we will have an even clearer direction if this is where God would have us serve full time.
      Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a city still recovering from years under communist rule.  Its freedom from the communist regime began in 1989.  However, its dynamic growth since 1989 has swept many people into prosperity while leaving a large proportion of the population marginalized.  Some of the population that has been pushed to the side are the orphans in the city and victims of human trafficking.  
Part of the ReachGlobal ministry in Bucharest is focused on working alongside Romanian Christians developing new strategies for getting local churches involved in ministering to the least-loved people in Bucharest.   Some of the people groups considered least-loved include street kids and those who are at high risk for human trafficking.  A second ministry that the ReachGlobal Bucharest team is developing is Missions Mobilization.  This ministry is focused on working with local churches helping to train them to better equip missionaries being sent out to the least-reached parts of the world.  A third portion of the Bucharest team serves and teaches at Bucharest Christian Academy, a Christian K-12 school primarily for missionary, business and diplomatic families living in Bucharest. 
The Spirit of God is beginning to do amazing work in Bucharest.  While the evangelical church is small (only 1% of the population of 2 million), it includes many young people with a true passion for Christ and willingness to obey.  God is building up the body of Christ in Bucharest so that they can be a light to Bucharest, the rest of Romania, and the uttermost parts of the world.

Thank you for your prayers as we begin to make plans to visit Bucharest!!

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